K2AV began in the Autumn of 2013 as an independently-run student collective in Bristol, squishing our favourite local bands into phone boxes for an interview and a song. After a fantastically successful project, garnering attention from BBC West Introducing and Daytrotter, the team descended upon graduation, and, ultimately split paths as we each ventured into temporary nomadic lifestyles by either travelling the world, or moving back home with the 'rents.

However, after much consideration and plenty of requests, we started up again in April 2017, this time in Liverpool, with the aim of providing a platform for embryonic talent, akin to the platforms often used by established artists. 

This is real fucking content here. This is something you can engage with [...] we did an interview and a song for K2AV which, unsurprisingly, was a fantastic experience and a lot of fun. WE ARE ALL ABOUT FUN HERE!! Alannah and the team were really lovely people and not fucking lame ass ‘music people’ who think the world owes them a big favour!!
— Peter Harrison, SPQR

K2AV has since developed into a media company, serving as an umbrella brand for multiple subsidiaries. Such subsidiaries include the following:


Our original, iconic web series. By bringing new life to Liverpool's few surviving K2 and K6 red phone boxes, K2AV's Bands In A Box provides a platform for up-and-coming musicians both based locally and touring through the area. A musical broadcast concept, we interview and present fresh talent within the confines the telephone box, challenging whoever is currently featured on the channel to adapt themselves to perform within the phone box, ultimately proving improvisation to be key. 


Rigging Rundown

We go backstage and interview bands who are gigging in Liverpool, live on Facebook about their rig rundown, the equipment they love and the art of the setlist. 



A whole new game show experience. This is so new we're not allowed to talk about it yet! But, follow us online (social links at the bottom of this page) and you'll be the first to know what this mysterious gem is all about...



A totally sporadic calendar of events where we put on a party and invite our favourite acts from our Bands In A Box series to play for you lot, on stage.



We've built up quite the arsenal of camera and sound gear. Need some equipment for your own use? No problem, we offer competitive hourly rates. Have a looksy at our price list and email us for a quote.



Here, at K2AV, we love meeting new faces and making more friends. If you're a local business who could do with a helping hand in terms of content production, you're in luck! We offer plans for using our own content, as well as producing original content for others. 


We often receive requests for reviews. Although we don’t write reviews of live gigs, we do, however, write reviews for singles, EPs, mixtapes and albums. Pop your EPK to K2AVliverpool@gmail.com for consideration. 


We're in the process of recruiting local designers for limited addition merchandise, in addition to our permanent collection for fans of Bands in A Box. Head on over to our shop to see what’s currently available.



Launching in Winter 18/19 are our monthly subscription boxes, containing merch from the bands who have been involved with K2AV each month, in addition to our own merch, discounts at local venues, free entry to our events, and unique QR codes, so you can download the music from our sessions and listen on the go.