This is basically my current thought-processes vomited onto my studio walls. I always used to work from my bedroom floor, but having moved to Spike Island, I want to utilise the space as much as possible. It’s a place I look forward to going to each weekday morning. Before the installation of an exhibition, I like to stay in the space for as long as possible beforehand, so it feels like mine and I feel like I really know the space. So if I’m in the studios, I’ll install where I procrastinated and experimented all semester. If I’m in a gallery or otherwise (I once exhibited in the attic spaces of a warehouse), I’ll work there and eat there over a weekend or for a few days before installation.

I always seem to start with a huge satellite of ideas, which could each be a whole individual project, however they all carry one - even if minute  - theme in common. Thus the structured chaos you see here. This semester, I’m translating certain connections and relationships into numerical order; for example, scripted in binary it still reads the details of a situation, however it is shown in a different format. Sheets of this information isn’t readable to the audience viewing it. It conveys the attempt to calculate and understand that, which is out of our control. To produce enduring, “methodical” workings out for something with no necessary right or wrong answer. I like the idea of the certainty to mathematics and science; there is a clear formula for a straight answer, however life isn’t black and white. What’s more important is that this isn’t a reading of mundane day-to-day rituals, but that it seems to be a sincere attempt at creating and understanding a human connection.

I’m looking to transform this into sound and continuous, automated spreadsheets. I’m also currently forming a mechanism that continuously produces and churns out this reading. The mechanism in itself, represents something so removed, as to having something with no feeling, reduce something so personal/significant to numerical order. I’ve been looking towards the use of fax machines and the heat sensitive quality to the fax paper; whatever is printed will fade. This would also require two machines, one with initial human engagement, the other churning out the results, un-manned. The continuous production of something so carefully calculated would eventually create a tangled heap of mess on the floor, to juxtapose the original intentions. Filming this, the footage would not carry a narrative and contain no dialog. The layout on screen would be similar to that of an algebraic equation; Input>Formula>Outcome.

Furthermore, creating a parallel with natural disasters, I have acquired a fascination with a particular piece of CCTV footage of the Joplin tornado (Missouri, 2011) devouring a high school. The actual force is out of view, only the destruction within the school is on camera, showing a man-made establishment being ripped up by something natural and unseen. It’s a complete sense of helplessness and a realisation that we don’t really have control of anything. Whereas, we could succumb and let things be… 

Alannah x