K2.AV Recommendation: NO SCRUBS Sat 14th

Just in time for the Christmas break No Scrubs and Midnight Groovies will be teaming up for a night at Lakota.

As a heads up they’re gonna be selling less tickets this time. So if you are planning on coming, we advise getting tickets in as early as possible, so as not to be disappointed.

There’s gonna be two No Scrubs rooms. Expect one room to be more of this, 


and the other to be more like this,


But there will surely be some crossover because some songs are too good not to play.

The music from when we used to sit and watch MTV One, MTV Base and VH1 back in the day with big vibes all night.

For those of you that aren’t familiar with Midnight Groovies…


Disco brotherhood conceived in the latter part of 2012 - bringing you parties with the sexiest, deepest, grooviest vibrations to be found anywhere in Bristol. This time the fantastic Groovies residents will be taking you through the whole night with tunes perfect for a midnight groove. There will be Dazzle. There will be Funk. There will be Mood.

There will also be a disco ball.

Flatline, Slim Howl, Our Friend B2B2B

10pm - 4am
Tickets £5/7

Tickets here: https://lakota.ticketabc.com/events/noscrubsdec-2/

Dress code: 90s Vahntáge
Über prizes for best dressed!