LOLA - 'Against The Tide'

Words: James Moffatt

The four-piece band, LOLA, of the indie-rock ilk - a genre that Liverpool has seemingly pioneered over the years - have graced us with their first single of 2018, and boy, they really have not disappointed with this one. A far cry from their previous singles (Who Do You Love? and Won’t You Just), they have managed to capture a perfect balance of all things needed to create a banging indie tune, titled Against The Tide.

Imagine yourself somewhere on, say, Seel Street having a great time with great friends. You’re having a couple of drinks, you're all sweaty from dancing and you head back to your seat. This song starts blasting through the speakers. You feel yourself drawn back to the dance floor because of the energetic nature of the song. Even if you are under the influence, it has this "chantability", which is exactly what you would need in that situation.

it all fuses together to make a tune that Liverpool didn’t know it needed

The short build up in the intro is a perfect segue into a distorted guitar part that juxtaposed by synthy keys, but the marriage between the two work completely in complete harmony. In fact, although the way they seem to be dipping into 80s synth may well not be a new idea within modern music, it sounds distinctly dissimilar to anything I’ve heard before. Combine all of those components with a funky bass line and some powerful drums that demand your attention, and it all fuses together to make a tune that Liverpool didn't know it needed. Against The Tide screams Liverpool indie as soon as you hear the vocal style of lead singer, Matthew Walker. The Northern accent just does something indescribable to this song but when you hear it, you feel at home.


Stream Against The Tide on Soundcloud or Spotify now or download via iTunes or Deezer.

Catch them supporting Seprona for their EP launch at EBGBs on Saturday 8th September.


All the best,