Charity Shop Pop - Gold

Words: George Holland

Ormskirk-based Charity Shop Pop finds himself prospecting for a shiny new indie-pop sound with his latest release, Gold.

A self-described “bedroom indie” artist, Charity Shop Pop claims he found a knackered MacBook in a charity shop, plugged in an electric guitar, added a synth and began tinkering. This tinkering culminated last year in his first release Fire; a scrappy - yet charmingly innocent - guitar-pop track, complete with joyous 80s-influenced synth stabs. His follow-up earlier this year came in the form of Tropical; a perplexing, experimental track that left his pop sensibility in the dust. Luckily, new single Gold turns it’s back to the latter in a favour of a return to catchy, unadulterated pop.

The indie pop of his first release returns. Production this time soaks the track in a deep bath of reverb and adorns it with sparklier guitar lines. These hooky, simple-but-not-simplistic guitar parts are the highlight here; they urgently phase in and out, vaguely reminiscent of some early Peace tracks. An instrumental flurry late on - featuring a fuzzy, mournful guitar track - rounds the single off in a wonderful manner. However, the track is not without its flaws. Lyrically, Gold does have some charm in its naive, ‘YOUNG LOVE LASTS FOREVER; EVERYTHING IS GREAT’-vibe, but Charity Shop Pop’s lyricism needs to develop some crucial depth.

Production this time soaks the track in a deep bath of reverb and adorns it with sparklier guitar lines

While the single doesn’t quite strike gold - sorry, I couldn’t resist - this young solo artist appears to have nailed down a solid formula from which to build his future material. This new, polished, indie-pop is a major improvement over his alienating previous release. If Charity Shop Pop continues on this upward trajectory - as recent demos suggest he will - this one-man-and-a- MacBook-band could yet prove to be stiff competition for the Liverpool indie pop scene.

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George Holland