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We're not Liverpool-based, can we still play?

Having started in Bristol back in 2013, we currently now create these sessions in Liverpool, UK. If you're craving a band in a box in your local city or wish to perform but don't live or tour through Liverpool, you can create your own city team! Simply pop an email our way at to find out about joining the K2AV family, giving you guaranteed tickets to all of our events - a fantastic opportunity if you're still studying at university. We'll talk you through how to get up and running!


We're a band of 5+, can we perform? 

Our maximum in one K6 phone box (smaller model) is 5 people with small instruments. It is certainly possible. We often suggest standing or sitting at different levels in the box, which also makes the video much more interesting to watch. We also have various locations with two phone boxes situated next to each other, so if you are a larger band, we can split you between the two! Our sessions, though not always unplugged, are stripped-back. When planning your setup, you should bear in mind the size of the phone box. We encourage our musicians to think of new ways of creating their sound for the session, for example, drumming against the side of the phone box or gradually ripping pages of a phone book to create rhythm. Instead of getting all of your guitars in the box, why not substitute one for vocal harmonies - even if you can't typically sing!

The more improvised or experimental the session, the more engagement it gets with the audience. We've even had bands bring in toy instruments before! Where possible, we usually recommend having unamplified vocals, acoustic instruments, and a minimal backline, however we have had artists use portable amps, which also works wonderfully in the box. If you have any questions, not to worry - we can discuss them via email.


I've applied to perform, when will I be able to do a session?

We book up incredibly fast for our K2AV Bands In A Box sessions, and so there is usually a two-month waiting list at any given time. We do, however, occasionally encounter circumstances in which a band has had to pull out due to unforeseen schedule collisions or illness, etc, so we may contact you for an even earlier session!


How long does the session take?

A few different takes of one song plus an interview usually takes no more than one hour. Longer sessions of two songs can take up to two hours.


When will our session be available online?

We now shoot our sessions with the aim of releasing them within a week, for the sake of interview content and relevancy. Our sessions are typically released each Sunday (for a single song session, and a gradual release for multiple song sessions, which are only available exclusively via our monthly membership).